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Multifunktions kläder med infravärme och akupressur för viktminskning

Multifunktions kläder med infravärme och akupressur för viktminskning, smärtlindring m m - Resultatet är helt unik förbättring! JUST NU!

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3 999,00 kr
Multifunktions kläder med infravärme och akupressur för viktminskning
Den nyaste modelen av den här läkande, smärtstillande, viktminsknings kläder är här. Med unika förmågan med infravärme, akupressur, kiropraktik, fettförbränning samt läkande och smärtstillande effekt.

Resultatet är helt unik förbättring!
Aktiverar kroppsorgans funktioner.
Avlägsnar deponerade tungmetaller i kroppen, toxiner och aktiverar hormoner.
Snabbar ämnesomsättning, undanröjer trötthet och ökar närings absorption.
Hjälper mot fibromyalgi och neuros.
Balanserar autonoma nervsystemet och nervsjukdomar samt har en god effekt på muskler, mjölksyra, lever samt smärtor.

Ökar immunförsvaret och har bemästrade effekt på cancerceller.
Minskar inflammation.
Regenerar organs funktioner.

*****Rekommenderas för professionella behandlingar och för privat användning.

Denna produkt har inga kända bieffekter.

Varning och försiktighetsåtgärder:
• Rekommenderas inte för gravida, barn och personer äldre än 65 i brist på data!
• En revolutionerande form av massage med infravärme
• Mjukar upp dina leder, ökar förbränningen, minskar kroppens fettförråd, korrigerar och återställer energiflödet
• Bränn upp till 900 kalorier på en behandling

Product function:
1) to clear the blood meridian, to resolve body fat;
2) to achieve the purpose of detoxification and slimming.
3) to promote the metabolism, to strengthen the capacity of cell regeneration;
4) to enhance the vitality and improve physical fitness;
5) to remove the fatigue and excess water, to reduce the fat and make body slim.

The position of improvement
Waist, abdomen, thigh fat for a long time and the inner arm fat

All size, common men and women.
Far Infrared Ray (FIR) has been testified to be one of the most effective & secure scientific methods for weight-losing or body-shaping. All the life-forms on earth naturally have activation of cells and flourishing metabolism with the radiation of FIR. FIR has the function of radiation or irradiation and it can penetrate organizations under skin, muscle, bone, entrails resulting in a calefaction and heat moxibustion which may speed up blood circulation, cell activating and metabolizing of cells. It has good effects on diminish inflammation, acesodye, sterilization, dispersal of blood siltation, wound cure, obesity treatment or weight-losing etc..

This system adopts well-distributed FIR heating conductor with advanced artificial intelligence control system for the adjustment of FIR heating temperatures to meet different requirements of people. When the activity frequency between molecules & atoms from cells becomes unanimously with FIR frequency, the energy will be rapidly absorbed by organism cells, resulting in resonance and more fierce molecure oscillation. Thus, cells of organizations are activated, catabolism is enhanced and unwanted fat is decomposed accordingly.

This system has been innovated sharply aiming at modern disease caused by modern civilization. It has both functions of health care and obesity cure or weight losing without any side effects upon human body. Therefore, its is a kind of ideal and effective modern hi-tech system generally used in beauty saloons or weight losing centers.

Controller with Temperature ( 4 Channel ) & Timer Setting
Safety Ultra-low volts (DC 36V) is applied with this system without any safety worries. Therefore, it becomes the first consideration of choice in beauty saloons and weight losing places in Europe and America. Safety Even with our normal AC Power ( High Voltage ) consumption Safety Water proof soft material with flexible tensile capabilities even in various sleeping position. ( UL specification ) Safety The Heating wire is design to withstand any stretches or bends.

Technical Data
Input volts: 100V~120V 60 HZ, 220V~240V 50HZ
Output low volts: DC36V 300W (Max.)
Output high volts: AC Power as Input volts 600W ( Max )
Self-control temp: 30 Celsius ~ 60 Celsius (Adjustable )
Timer: 5-95 minutes (Tunable)
4 separate channels for different heat setting and time
The features of FIR and it's relations with health
Enhancing redox of body and keeping fat not deposited.
Quickening up lipolysis, sweating and their let-out.
Activating organizations of body and their functions. Let out deposited waste in body such as heavy metal, poisons and activate hormone & ferment.

Speeding up metabolism, alimentation and eliminating tiredness and enhancing nutrition absorbable.
Bringing about physical therapy against myalgia & neurosis. Balance autonomic nervous system and have a good effect on muscle, lactic acid and liver while removing nervous mood & nameless pains.

Improving immunoreaction system and restraining cancer cells.

Acesodyne & diminish inflammation.
Regenesis of organization functions.

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